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The Best Upholstery For Boats

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Buyer's Guide

Choosing The Right Upholstery For Your Boat

Purchasing a set of upholstery for boats can be a daunting task. You want to find a product that is durable, but also looks great on your boat. You want to get the best quality and yet price is low enough for you to comfortably fit the purchase into your budget. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow in your search for the perfect boat upholstery.

You want to start out by looking at the different brands and types of upholstery available. Your budget should be able to afford a nice range of products from top manufacturers like Dacor, Pacific, and International Harvester. All of these manufacturers use different techniques and materials in producing their upholstery, which allows you to get a variety in price ranges and choices.

Once you've narrowed down your options based on your budget, look at the look of the piece you are considering buying. While price is important, but you don't want to sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars. What type of look do you want to have? Do you want the traditional style of boats that shows more creases? Or are you more into a clean look that hides the minor flaws? Take these questions into consideration when purchasing the material.

If you have chosen the traditional style of boat you want, there are several types of downholstery that would work for you. A darker upholstery will give you the appearance of depth, while a lighter type will make the boat look shabby. Consider what color will show up well with the rest of the interior and compliment it well. Also think about what type of finish does your unit need. Smooth or rough textured upholstery comes in different styles and finishes, while some have natural wood grains or stains.

Upholstered furniture for boats comes in different heights. You can get low seats, mediums, and high seats. You can get a folding chair or bench, benches, or stools. There are special covers available for upholstered furniture, such as plastic or vinyl. Some brands offer extra protection from water and UV rays with UV coating on the seat cover, while others offer UV resistant upholstery.

Some people prefer to have bright colors on their upholstered furniture. This is particularly true with the type of marine decoration you have installed. Bright colors enhance the brightness and added appeal of boats. Others opt for a monochromatic scheme which works perfectly for them. The classic black and white upholstered furniture looks nice on almost all types of boats.

You can also get upholstered curtains attached to the boat. Curtains can be used for decorative purposes as well as for practical reasons. The curtains will not only provide privacy from other boaters, but will also help to reduce the maintenance required for the boat. A custom fitted boat curtain is made of an ultra-light weight material, yet can provide good strength, durability and high quality of material for your boat's upholstery.

There are lots of places where you can buy boat upholstery. The best place to look is online. You can compare prices and look at a variety of boat furniture styles. Make sure that you only buy from a reputable dealer. It is advisable to hire a professional installer if you are not familiar with these steps. Installation can become confusing if you are not clear about what type of fabric you should buy.

Deciding between different types of fabric is an important part of choosing your new boat upholstery. The type of fabric will determine the longevity of the upholstery. Sun, wind and salt will cause the fabric to fade over time. Vinyl is the most durable, but it is also the most expensive. The least expensive type of upholstery is fabric, but this type of material tends to wrinkle and look dull after a while.

Make sure you choose a color that will go with the overall decor on board. When buying your new boat upholstery, make sure that the manufacturer offers coordinated colors for their furniture. Most upholstery manufacturers and dealers offer coordinated cushions for all types of furniture including benches, chairs, stools and sofas. This will ensure that your furniture matches your new boat upholstery easily and looks great.

If you buy fabric for your furniture, check out stores or online retailers that specialize in boat accessories and upholstery. These stores usually carry a wide variety of fabrics and can match the type of furniture you have with the type of upholstery fabric you purchase. Buying the right type of boat furniture with the right fabric is the key to enjoying your boat and having years of enjoyment from it.

Additional Information

Upholstery Repair Tips And Tricks

Most people who have ever had the privilege of owning a boat will tell you that one of the most frustrating parts of owning a boat is having to deal with upholstery. Boat owners spend a lot of time cleaning their boats after they have been used for months, if not years. This means that upholstery becomes dirty and grimy and is very difficult to get into and remove without making any large, permanent marks.

While it may be very tough to repair a boat's upholstery if you do not start from the beginning, it can often be done. The key is to start at the beginning - from the inside. One way to begin the process is by using a dry, clean, absorbent cloth or a piece of clothing, like a pair of old jeans, to gently pull out the dirt and grime. You will need to work carefully to avoid making any permanent indentations in the fabric, as you want the new upholstery to fit tightly. Be sure to work the material through a couple of cycles just to be sure that there are no tears before continuing.

Once the dirt is removed, you can begin the task of giving your boat seat covers a new look. One of the best things you can do is give the area a light coat of stain remover, which will help seal the fabric and allow you to achieve a professional finish. You should also test the stain remover on a small, hidden area of the upholstery first, just to make sure there are no problems with the chemical. It would be a bad idea to apply the stain remover to a large portion of the upholstery before testing it. The only reason why you would want to do this is if you notice a dullness in the color of the cloth, or if the original upholstery dye is dull as well.

Once you have ensured the area is safe, and the stain remover has been applied - its time to take stock of your old upholstery. If it's an older piece, you may find the fabric requires some cleaning and repair work in order to give it a professional look. In this case, carefully remove the old upholstery fabric from its fastened position, and use a soft brush to wipe away any dirt, debris, or food particles. If food stains are present, you may need to use a special upholstery cleaner - one specifically for fabrics like upholstery.

One thing you may want to consider is whether or not you need new boat seat covers. Some upholstered pieces are more durable than others, so in order to save money on replacing them you may want to choose those with a lifetime warranty against wear and tear. Although some fabrics wear out faster than others - such as natural fibers - others may last much longer. Just check the guarantee to make sure you're getting a good deal on a superior quality fabric.

If cleaning doesn't do the trick, or if something spills, then the next step may be to turn to fabric protectors. Upholstery fabric protectors can be found at any craft, fabric, or furniture store. There are also several different types available online. Upholstery fabric protectors keep spills and other stains from seeping into the upholstery and getting caught in the fabric. They also make for a perfect, cushioned surface for your furniture, especially boat seats.

While most people have a regular upholstery brush with which they clean their upholstery, there are occasions when a little more specific treatment will be needed. For example, it's possible to use steamer-type upholstery brushes, or steam cleaners. Steam cleaners are very effective for removing stubborn stains from upholstery fabric and other, hard-to-reach areas. The temperature with which steam cleaners are used is important - too hot and the fabric becomes damaged, too cold and the finish wears away. You're probably familiar with various types of steam cleaners that are available on the market - Vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, sweeper type - and they're often the first choice for cleaning boat seat covers.

If you have a very old, worn out upholstery fabric on your chairs, you may be tempted to just throw it away. Fortunately, many fabric protectors are available to protect older, delicate upholstery fabrics. Before you toss out an old upholstery chair, though, check out the fabric protector and find one that suits the style and condition of your upholstery. Many fabric protectors are suitable for all types of upholstery fabric, so you'll want to buy the right one for your seats and then buy a new upholstery cushion to go with it.