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The Best Underwater Lights For Boats

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Underwater Lights For Boats - How To Choose One That Suits Your Needs Best

Underwater lights are commonly used on boats for night fishing. They're great for improving your boat's visibility and having good fun, but some types can create bad fishing conditions as well. Even boaters that like wind more than gas power sometimes prefer having undersea LED lights on their sailboat just for night cruising and swimming.

The Underwater Light Association (ULA) provides boating safety guidelines to help you determine which types of lights you can and cannot use on your boats. If your boats design does not allow it, or if it would be dangerous, you should consult with your captain and local law enforcement. Also check your boat owners manual for safety guidelines on whether or not you are allowed to use specific LED lights on your boats. You will need an adult to help you with this, and some cities have limits on the maximum hours of visibility that your light can provide. These generally range from five hundred hours to a thousand hours.

Most marine underwater led boat lights come in single colors with either a high or low brightness. High brightness is great if you want a bright light underwater, or want the light to last for a long time. The downside is that the light output may start depleting after some time. Low brightness is much better for those who fish at night and don't want their light turned off while they are under water. Just be sure to turn off your flashlight when you leave the boat, as any light left on after you come back will be very bright.

Both single color and dual color Underwater Lights for boats are available in many different sizes. The best choice depends on how much light you need and where you will install it. For general lighting on the deck or in the engine room, small six inch lights work well. However, if you need spotlights to help illuminate a larger area, then consider purchasing larger lights with higher bulbs and wider angles. Even two foot wide spotlights will illuminate quite a large area under the water.

If you are installing a light on a boat trailer, then the size of the light is limited by the available width of the trailer. For general lighting on the boat, a medium to large size LED light will do the job. Keep in mind that larger lights like these will produce more heat and will require a cooler area to keep from getting too hot while the light is on. This will mean an extra ventilation system is required. Be sure to install the light high enough so that it does not get shaded by nearby objects. If you will be using the light for night fishing, then purchase a pair of goggles with lenses that block out most of the sunlight.

The final thing you need to know about installing outdoor lights on your boats is to know about the various types of lighting you have to choose from. One choice is Marine grade stainless steel. This type of material has very high temperatures resistant to corrosion. It is rust proof and will not corrode in wet conditions. It also has an anti-corrosive property that makes it able to withstand temperature protection.

Other lighting includes solar powered lighting and battery powered lighting. These can be used on any size of boat. Solar powered lights use rechargeable batteries that store energy during the day, and then use a built-in photocell to light up at night. The only drawback to this type of lighting is that you must have access to an sunny location where the sun can shine brightly for at least five hours each day. Most of the models you will find for sale have a built-in photocell that turns on when the sun goes down and turn off after it gets dark. These types of bulbs are also available in several different colors and designs.

Battery operated lights are available in both standard and hi-visibility models. In most cases, these utilize AA batteries which can be recharged several times before they run out. These bulbs are usually less bright than the marine-grade stainless steel bulbs but they are still capable of giving you plenty of visibility. You do, however, need to have access to an sunny area for at least several hours each day if you want to use the brightness they offer. And, although they cost less, they also consume a lot more power.