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The Best Tow Bar For Pontoon Boat

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The Importance of a Tow Bar For Pontoon Boat

The last time I heard of a do-it-yourself boat mending kit for the pontoon boats, I laughed. None of us needed such things. These boats were supposed to be rugged and capable on their own. Why did they need extra help? We were sailing on a flat-bottomed pontoon boat that handles well in calm waters and were not even in the deep blue Atlantic.

Some time ago, she said this was a great mooring deck and she use a simple ski tow bar for her boats. I have been reading lots of online information about how to mount an on board pontoon boat with a ski tow bar, but never knew how to do it properly myself. I have seen some pictures where the "do it yourself guy" mounts it without the need of a specialist, but all in all, it is quite difficult. I decided to give it a shot one day as a test to see if it would indeed be easy to do. Here's what happened.

We were already prepping the pontoon boat for the trip to Florida and I decided to hang up the two aluminum tubes on the rear of the boat while the owner worked on the front. Once done, I retrieved my tools and got to work. First, I removed the rear ski tow bar and attached the new one.

The entire process took me less than half an hour and I managed to assemble the parts in one go. What's more, the instructions were very easy to follow. Since I was using aluminum tube, there was no need to worry about damaging the tubes when installing the tow bar for pontoon boat. The only thing I did was drill a small hole near the origin ski tow bar mounting width and attach the aluminum tube.

Assembling the rest of the components was equally easy. The first piece that I had to install was the stainless steel nuts that secure the rear suspension system to the aluminum tube. To complete the installation, I used two nuts instead of one. After that, I installed the spring clip that holds the strut brace in place. The final step involved securing the strut brace to the rear frame by drilling a small hole on the frame and installing the hardware included with the kit.

The installation does not require any special skills. However, I would suggest doing the installation in a well ventilated area. The whole purpose of installing this equipment is to make your pontoon travel easier and comfortable. That means it should be installed in a safe and enclosed area. There are several reasons to install a tow bar in your pontoon boat. Here are some of them.

It enables you to pull your boat through a narrow passage. If your pontoon has a retractable pontoon pole, you can also enjoy a better quality of traveling. When you want to travel on rivers or lakes, it is always important to have an efficient tow bar. If the pole is non-retractable, you can never take your boat into any part of the water that you wish. You have to either tie up your boat at a motel or park your boat somewhere else. With a tow bar in place, you can travel anyplace you want as long as there is an available waterway.

With this equipment, you can also travel in strong winds. As a result, you do not have to hold your anchor as much when the wind blows. This allows you to travel more nimbly and you also get to save more energy when traveling long distances. With the installation of a bar, you can enjoy all these benefits for your pontoon boats.