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Boating Shirt with Sun Protection!

Boating and sun protection go hand in hand, especially when you are on the water. Sun damage is a common effect of being out on the water, even if you are just sitting on your deck or the beach waiting to see a few fisherman. It will not only make your shirt look bad, it will also leave your skin burned and sore from having too much sun. So it's best to take a couple of steps to protect yourself when you are boating and on the water.

The first step is to invest in a decent shirt. Some shirts are meant specifically for boating and sun protection. These are typically cotton shirts that will help wick away the sweat and help keep you cool on hot days. They come in a variety of styles including tank tops and t-shirts. There are also shirts with pouches or draw strings to fit around the wrist so you can carry around your sun protection bottle.

When you buy a shirt, try to buy a few different ones. Sometimes it is helpful to have several shirts to wear on different types of outings. If you are planning a trip that takes you out into the desert or another hot, sunny location, it may be useful to bring a pair of shirts for each different season. For instance, you may want a light summer shirt and a heavier weight t-shirt for the winter months.

Another benefit of purchasing shirts for boating and for protection is that they are usually comfortable as well. It is difficult to stand out in an ocean of water when the sun is beating down on you. When you have a shirt that feels good and is breathable you will feel better on the boat and at the beach. It will also help you relax during those long leisurely periods on the water when the sun is beating down too hard.

Do not skimp on your shirt's design. Some of the fancier sun protection shirts feature all kinds of funky prints that attract attention. The plain white shirt is certainly not boring. You can get bright plaids, solid block colors and even polka dots. Try to match the style of your shirts to the activities you will be involved in while boating. For instance, if you are a fisherman you would not want a loud plaid pattern for protecting you from the elements.

Most shirts have zipper tops. Zippers are convenient because they allow for air flow through the shirt. Air helps to keep you cool and comfortable. However, the bottom line is that zippers are great for helping keep elements such as rain and wind from getting into your fabric.

Finally, it is important to make sure that your shirt for sun protection stays in good condition. Many of these shirts will feature wash after care instructions. It is a good idea to find a shirt that features a lot of different colors so you can swap out different shirts depending on the seasons.

Boating and sun protection shirts can be found at many stores online and in local outlets. When looking for the best quality you should stick with shirts that feature 100% cotton. This will ensure that your shirt will last for years to come. In addition, you will want to make sure that the shirt is made from one of the better manufacturers. A popular brand is Gildan, which has been making quality shirts for decades.

The price of a shirt for boating and sun protection is going to vary depending on what brand and design you choose. For instance, if you choose a basic t-shirt design you will likely pay around five dollars. However, there are designs that go all the way up to fifty dollars! The price should reflect the quality of the shirt as well.

You might also think about purchasing additional items along with your boating or sun protection shirt. Some of the additional accessories include sun hat, sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, or even a hat cover to help protect your neck. Additional accessories can be fun as well. Think about buying a water bottle holder, a sun visor, or even a GPS system for easy navigation.

Sunlight can be tricky when you're boating. One way to eliminate this issue is by wearing a shirt for boating and sun protection. A simple t-shirt will protect you from the sun, so you don't have to always expose yourself to the glare. It's a great way to prevent sunburn, headaches, and more!