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The Benefits of Custom Railings For Boats

Rub Rail is the most popular choice of boat builders around the world for its high quality and innovative design. TACO Metal, in which Rub Rail is manufactured, is used by thousands of boatbuilders for both the outboard and inboard motor sections of their boats. TACO uses the best high-quality metals for both the extrusion and powder coat finishes on the rails. The manufacturer prefers to work with very heavy-duty and corrosion resistant metals to ensure optimum service life. They also offer special chrome plating and nickel electroplating for added durability and longevity of the rail.

TACO creates unique, one-of-a-kind custom requirements for rail systems. If a manufacturer cannot create a system to meet your individual or specific needs, they will help you determine what your individual needs are. It can be difficult to know exactly what rub rails will do for you, especially if you're a novice boat builder, so they have put together an entire guide for determining what rub rail will do best for your boat. Whether your needs are for extreme maneuverability, speed, economy, or any combination of these, they have the answer you're looking for. This guide answers all the questions that you may have about rub rails and what they can do.

While there are many types of construction and material available when it comes to boat decking, nothing gives you as smooth a ride and wear resistance than flexible stainless steel railings. Flexible stainless-steel rails, or flex-rails, are made of a specially molded plastic that gives them the same appearance and feel of traditional wood planks but at half the price. The special plastic that makes the flex-rails flexible also makes them easier to install on boats of any kind, which allows you to save money on installation costs and have the luxury of installing a flexible rub rail on your boat whether you choose a deck or outboard motor.

One of the benefits of flex-rails is that they don't have transom ends. Transom ends usually stick out and get in the way if you are trying to install a stainless steel rail on a wooden boat. This means that you have to cut open the whole deck before installing the rails, a job that's time consuming. With this revolutionary new product, you can install your flex-rails in place of transom ends and save yourself a lot of hassle. You simply peel back the plastic protective over the flex rail and then install it into place on your boat.

Another great benefit of flex-rails and how they work is that you can use old rubber or pvc rub rails to install them on your boat. Most people have old plastic rub rails on their boats that are no longer used because they have either broken or split. Installing a new vinyl rub rail on your boat is a great way to bring that old rubber back for use on your next fishing trip.

A lot of older recreational vehicles (RV) have a plastic marine pull-out bottom that juts out and collects all of the fishing gear that goes on board. It is not very efficient because you have to physically pull the bottom in and out to fit all of your gear. This also creates a safety hazard when you are pulling the boat. If you use a new marine pull-out bottom with your new flex-rails, it will not only increase boat safety, but you will be able to use your old rubber or pvc rub rails on your boat.

You can have your custom requirements changed if you so desire. If you need a transom or wish to have a rigid transom added, you can do that as well. The flexible vinyl rail system can also be configured to accommodate your custom requirements. There is no need to cut holes in your budget to fit the rails.

If you are in the market for custom railings for boats, you should visit Fidelity Marine Fabrications in Plano, Texas. Fidelity manufactures high quality and durable vinyl components that are easy to install. They also have an expert team of professionals who will design a unique arine to meet your specifications. With their expert knowledge and design capabilities, they can transform your original idea into a reality. Arines can be designed for standard installations or for your special needs. With a fully licensed professional crew, you will be satisfied with the finished product.