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Buyer's Guide

Buying the Best RC Boats

A radio-control boat is essentially a boat operated with radio control technology remotely from the boat. These types of recreational vehicles can be used for racing, go-karting, dinghy use, sailing, and many more activities. To get started in this hobby, you need to choose which type of RC boat is right for you. Here are some things to consider before purchasing your first RC boat:

o What is the primary function of my new RC boat? The primary purpose of buying a remote-control boat is to use it for leisure or recreational activities. If you just want to race your car, then a smaller inflatable boat suitable for wet or dry land is ideal for you. If you plan on using your boat for racing, a flat bottomed racing boat with high level of drag is the best choice. You can control your boat's top speed and turns with the remote.

o What kind of RC boat am I going to buy? There are two kinds of radio controlled boats - those that are capable of running on battery and those that run on batteries. A battery powered boat generally requires less charge time. Also, the more features and equipment you have on your boat, the more expensive the model will be.

o How much do you want to spend? The different models in the RC Boats range have different price ranges. The best way to find the right model is to do your own research and study the different prices offered by different models. Once you have chosen what you think is the best, the next thing to do is to figure out how fast you want to go. Knowing your top speeds, you can now decide on the budget you should allocate for the purchase. If you want to save money, then you can consider buying an inflatable boat that is capable of getting you to your desired top speeds.

o How long are you willing to Remote Control your Rc Boat. If you have chosen to buy an inflatable boat, then you can decide how long you want to Remote Control your boat. If you are going to use your remote for racing, you might need a faster remote than the one used for practicing or racing. In other words, if you are going to race, then you might consider getting the fastest model available in your price range.

o Will you get a electric or gas RC boats. Although both electric and gas models are available in the market, many people prefer to have an electric remote. Why is this so? Electric boats have a much better response when they are pushed than when they are pushed by their users. Plus, electric remote boats have a much longer endurance than gas remote boats.

o Choose your boat type. Aside from the different features, you also have to think about whether you are going to go for a sports or a simple remote control boat. Most people who buy inflatables go for sports models. If you want to have a simple remote controlled boat, you can choose from the Sharkool trolling motors, Nautilus trolling motors, or the Spekering trolling motors. On the other hand, if you are looking for top speed electric RC boats, then you should choose the top speed Sharkool Zulu Class.

o Choose your charger. For the Sharkool trolling motor, you will need to check on its warranty and compatibility with your battery. It would be better if you buy your own charger, especially if it is compatible with the brand that you are using for your Rc boats. The top speed and the anti-tilt of these two Rc boats makes sure that they can travel miles per hour, but you should also make sure that the charger that you buy works with your batteries.