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Buyer's Guide

Oru Kayaks - Why a Foldable Kayak?

Oru Kayak has been making waves lately in the lightweight kayak market with their ultra-compact, fold-able kayaks. This company designs great quality boats which are amazingly comfortable and seaworthy considering their amazing ability to fold into a carry-on the size of an average suitcase. The Oru Kayak company was started by two enterprising young men who recognized the need for a water resistant, folding kayak which could be taken anywhere. These two met at the Navy University in Hawaii where they were studying under the Masters of Engineering program. After graduation, they decided to start their own kayaking business and launched Oru Kayak in 2021.

Oru kayaks have many features which make them different from other foldable or inflatable boats. First, Oru kayaks have no hull exposing the inside of the boat to the elements. Because of this, Oru kayaks have been known to survive severe weather conditions like storm and severe winds. They can also deal with being stuck on a flat surface for long periods of time due to lack of hydrofoil protection.

Oru kayaks are available in different colors such as white/blue, silver/red, grey/black, and orange/yellow. They come in tandem seating with either a captain's seat or a two-person seated cockpit. Typically, the tandem seating is located near the middle of the kayak with an open cockpit allowing easy visibility of the surrounding area. In order to make the cockpit more comfortable, Oru manufactures a foam cushion which is installed in the middle of the cockpit.

Another benefit of Oru kayak is that they have a folding size of only twenty-eight inches wide. This makes them great for individuals who want to use their kayaks for extended periods of time but do not need a larger size. Oru Foldable kayaks are also available in smaller sizes such as fifteen and eight inch folding size making them very practical for individuals who live in smaller quarters.

While Oru tandem kayaks have smaller sizes than normal, they still pack quite a punch when it comes to extreme kayaking performance. These kayaks have outfitted with the best of materials and engineering which allows them to withstand extreme shocks and weight that other normal kayaks cannot withstand. These kayaks have been designed with a flat bottom which is great for storage purposes. The kayaks are also made to be very maneuverable.

Oru Foldable Kayaks, just like any other folding kayak models, also have storage compartments as well as lockers that keep your belongings secure and safe. Oru Foldable Kayaks come with a variety of options that allow people to customize the foldable kayaks to their liking. If you wish, you can get a bow view that gives you a 360 degree viewing of the kayaking activity from the kayak's bow area. There is also a console that offers tracking and a compass which allows you to navigate your way through the waters. If you wish, there is even an electronic decal that displays your speed and distance traveled as well as the estimated time you will reach your destination.

The Oru Foldable Kayak comes with a carrying handle that allows for easy storage and transport of the kayak. Some models are made with a fold-down rear sail which is great if you would rather have a more traditional style of folding kayak. On some models, the front bow wave comes up while others have a flat stern sail. This allows you to adjust the bow wave to the current conditions as well as the type of water you are in. One of the most important things to keep in mind about this type of recreational kayaking is the fact that it can safely accommodate at least five people. This is very different from other recreational kayaks that may only allow two people to ride comfortably.

Overall, the Oru kayak has a few cons that do not interfere with its performance and safety. For instance, the front bow wave can be lowered which allows for easier maneuvering and added safety. Also, the handles are adjustable and give a greater degree of control when compared to the standard kayaks. However, these pros greatly outweigh any potential pro or con that may occur with this model of kayaks. Overall, you will not be disappointed by choosing Oru foldable boat because of its durability and excellent construction.

Additional Information

Oru Kayak FAQs

Most people ask Oru Kayak about their experiences with their product. Some might have bought it before but are not satisfied with it, some might have no experience at all with kayaking and want to know how they can get started without wasting too much time and money. There is no need to worry though because it is possible for Oru Kayak customers to create a thread on the company's website where other users can give their feedback on the product. The best part about this is that the responses are free!

One of the most common questions about Oru Kayaks is what kinds of fishing rods they offer. Although the company offers a wide variety of fishing rods, not all of them are made for kayaking. There are different lengths and models that will be appropriate for various types of fishing. This means that you will need to know your skill level before making a purchase.

Rods can also have a lot of weight. This means that if you are new to kayaking you may want to start with a lighter rod. There are models available in every weight range imaginable so it is best to weigh down the options before making a purchase. If you are serious about fishing and plan to go out into the open water regularly then you will probably be better off with a heavy duty model. These are also easier to paddle and steer while fishing.

How light or heavy should a fishing kayak be? This really depends on how you plan to use the kayak. If you plan to just fish from shore and do not carry any gear, you will need to get a lightest model possible. Lightweight models are easier to maneuver around and store in the car. If you intend to fish in the ocean and use the kayak as a beach fishing kayak, you will need a little more strength so that you can actually paddle the kayak and take it out into the ocean.

How do you store your kayak once you've bought it? This goes without saying, but you definitely need a way to stow it away in the boat. If you are planning on going on extended fishing trips you will definitely need storage for your kayak. These usually come with the purchase of the kayak but there are some models that you may need to rent for the length of your trip. Renting a storage unit is often at a minimal cost and is usually very easy to do.

Do you need a motor or engine to get more power? Again this really depends on what you plan to be using the kayak for. Some people can fish very well with just one engine while others need two or more for a good speed. Some models are capable of up to 48 knots. It's a good idea to check this out when trying to decide on the right model.

What extras should you have for your oru? Well, you definitely want one or two extra paddles. These come in handy in case you need to paddle something that may be larger than just a kayak. Other extras that are pretty common include extra rod holders, extra kayak pillows, and even a small container for storing your fish baits. You may also want to include a few plastic ice cubes for your ice cooler during long boating trips.

So, these are the pros and cons of the Oru Kayak. There is no doubt that this is a great little boat to take on any type of water. It can easily handle small carp and bigger fish and it's a very stable craft. However, you need to know what you are getting into before making the purchase.