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Intex Challenger Review

Lightweight kayaks are an important factor in any boating or water recreation activity. These kayaks offer an alternative to traditional longboard boats and can sometimes save you money. In some cases, people use them to get around remote locations, such as rivers and lakes, where a kayak can provide a cheaper and more convenient means of travel. Boaters, fisherman, wildlife photographers, day-trippers, and others all find lightweight kayaks to be useful in their ways. Here are some of the kayak options and features to consider.

Lightweight kayaks made of durable and high quality PVC vinyl have become popular among enthusiasts who don't want to pay a lot of money for a brand-new kayak. These models have an open cockpit design with plenty of storage room and are very maneuverable in the water. Many of the open cockpit models come with a provision for a padded sleeping area, and there is usually enough storage room to hold enough supplies to last several trips. Inflatable models are also commonly made from high-molecular weight polyethylene, which is extremely durable and is puncture-proof, making it perfect for fishing and other underwater activities.

Most inflatable kayaks come with a removable air chamber that allows you to inflate the unit without using a pump, making it easier to get more mileage out of the time you invest in the inflatable kayak. Some models have a limited warranty and may not have a motor to drive the pumps, although most of them do have enough power to easily keep the kayak under water for hours. Folding lightweight kayaks, on the other hand, are made from sturdy plastic and fabric and will easily store in a small place or strap onto a trailer hitch on your vehicle. These units will require more physical effort to fill and are best suited for people who can easily carry and transport the unit and are not concerned about efficiency.

The main reason you should choose a lightweight kayak rather than a traditional boat is because of its simpler construction and more compact design. A traditional boat would have more parts and would take up more space in your garage or in a container on a boat docks. A lightweight kayak, on the other hand, is a much simpler affair to store in the garage or even at your house. It's also a lot more comfortable to paddle, whether you are on a river or just in the ocean. A traditional cockpit design would allow for more padding to provide comfort.

If the idea of owning a lightweight kayak appeals to you but you aren't sure what makes this type so unique, here is a list of features unique to the Intex Challenger. Intex Challenger Paddles - This particular model offers three built-in paddle stations. The cockpit is ergonomically designed and there are clear glass Compression ports for easy viewing of your performance data. All three of the stations are supported by shock-absorbing paddle wheels that are designed to glide over any surface.

Stability - One of the most common questions about lightweight kayaks is how stable they are. A good way to find out is to try out the hull with a two-person boat. You can tell by looking at the stability ratings provided by the manufacturer. Intex Challenger Horseshoe and Stand-Up Paddle - The hull of the Intex challenger is constructed with two hundred and sixty five grams of fiberglass material that increases its stability by thirty seven percent. In addition, the hull is supported by shock absorbing rubber polyurethane foam which molds itself around two hundred and sixty five pounds of composite paddle components.

Storage - Perhaps one of the most common reasons people buy an inflatable kayak is for its storage space. The storage volume is limited but this shouldn't be an issue for the Intex Challenger because it has twenty two pockets. This is the best lightweight kayaks because the kayak is easy to carry and because of the stable construction, storage is easy and hassle free. The saddle bag fits neatly in the kayak and allows for easy storage of other items you may need to carry. The bag is also large enough to accommodate all of your kayaking accessories.

Comfort - The most important part of buying an inflatable kayak is the comfort of the seat and the hull. The manufacturers took great care to make these parts comfortable and durable. You can feel the hull and seat for a firm grip and the straps are padded for extra comfort. There are different heights for the seats and each offers a different level of comfort. The Intex Challenger Seat is eleven inches higher than the traditional seat and eleven inches lower, this allows the rider to have a firmer grip on the boat.