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The Best Kokatat Drysuit

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Technical Specs and Comparison Shopping

The very best thing about the Kokatat Drysuit is its breathable nylon lining. Backed by a reliable UK company that enables you to keep you dry in the most demanding conditions for years to come, your new drysuit will last the test of time. Made to be worn in all sorts of conditions from the ocean to the rain to even desert sands. It was developed for people looking for a drysuit that would be able to withstand some serious abuse and still keep its integrity. In fact it has been designed to work as hard as you do, so it's great for anyone who loves the outdoors and appreciates comfort on their back.

Like all good drysuits the ones from Kokat are constructed with high quality waterproofing and compression properties. However, this isn't the only advantage they have over normal suits. They're also made using a special foam called neoprene which allows them to mould to your body, a feature they share with the brand Airspeed. The neoprene also allows them to expand to suit your body weight and adapt to any changes in temperature. Combined with the company's signature Gore-Tex fabric, you can look after yourself in any climate.

The other big advantage the drysuits have over normal swimming suits is in the high-wear areas - the back, arm pits, shoulders and rear. Unlike normal swimming suits, which are designed to be worn for short periods at a time, the Kokatat Drysuit is designed to be worn repeatedly. And it does that with ease thanks to its reinforced patches and shoulder pads. These reinforce the areas you need them most and make for a great deal more support when you're out in the elements.

The design of the drysuit is a 4th Generation Fit technology which means that the material used has an improved compression strength. As such, it is lighter, less bulky and offers increased breathability, meaning that you get more of your body toasty warm and less moist. This is especially good news for people who have outdoor activities and need a drysuit that can dry quickly and stay up to the conditions. It also offers better buoyancy than regular swimming pool and spa drysuits and a high level of durability and tear resistance.

But is the Koala Drysuit the best kayaking drysuits? Well, to put it simply, it is the best option for you if you want the benefits of the Drysuit but at a lower price. But to accurately judge the durability and comfort of the drysuit, you need to test it yourself first, of course! We did just that and found the following three attributes present on all three versions we tested:

Comfort First, let's talk about the comfort of the drysuit. The two most advanced fabrics used in the making of this drysuit ( Hydroxy cotton and Spandex textile ) are specially formulated to help wick moisture away from your skin and body as quickly as possible. That way, you don't end up feeling wet at the end of a long day of kayaking when you desperately need a cool down. In fact, you should be feeling fresh and dry the whole time! The Hydroxy fabric is in charge of wicking away the water from the skin and its breathable fabric allows cool air to circulate while the Spandex textile allows body heat to escape.

Additional Features The most obvious technical specs of any drysuit are length, width, breathability and buoyancy. However, technical specs aren't everything and we found that the additional features of the Hydroxy fabric and Spandex textile took the Hydroxy drysuit and made it better than many other options. There is a Hydroxy free arm relief zipper which means that not only does the wearer not have to take his arms off his back, he also has an additional five inches of breathing room. And if the wearer doesn't want to remove the arm relief zipper, he can always tuck it behind his back for added comfort.

The material used in the construction of these suits is quite breathable because of the open cell construction. However, the breathable nylon is also more flexible and has a high thread count which further adds to its breathability properties. The hydroxy nylon combined with the extra stretchability of the spandex textile gives the wearer a much more comfortable fit and greater mobility than other types of drysuits. Overall, these suits provide exceptional performance with unmatched comfort.