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Advantages Of Using 3M Adhesive To Fit Keel Guards

A keel guard is simply a term for a device which is utilized to safeguard the keel of a boat. It prevents severe damage to your keel, guards against impacts hitting the keel while afloat, and allows the boat to sail smoothly on multiple kinds of smooth beaches and ramps with less worry. These are very beneficial especially if your boat spends a lot of time in the water or if you do a lot of water sports. Even if you just use it to keep your boat dry while at the water. This is because a good quality keel guard can give you many years of service.

There are several kinds of these products available in the market today. They range in size, shape and material. Most of these types are made of strong plastic and the material used is usually a hard-wearing type of vinyl. The following are the most common varieties of these accessories used in boats: -

Peel and Stick Type - These are great for use on boats with a short keel guard. The reason why this is so effective is because the peel and stick type of accessory fits perfectly into the slot in the keel guard and therefore becomes part of the guard itself. You will be able to easily peel and stick the device without removing the guard itself. Some of these peel and stick types also have suction cups to assist in its removal.

Adhesive Type - The adhesive type of fittings is usually used when you need to secure large objects on the front of your boat to prevent movement. It has several advantages like securing things to your boat without having to drill holes. It is also possible to quickly and easily remove the device once the job is done. These devices are usually adhered to the front of the keel guards by a special adhesive tape.

The Adhesive Type is widely preferred because it is very easy to remove, the holes is tiny compared to other fittings and the process is relatively safe. The adhesive is applied using a heat gun and once it has dried up then simply peel and stick to your keel guard. A heat gun can also be used to heat up the glue that is used for the installation. The glue can be held tightly on the guard while it is being heated and it can also be left to dry until it gets hard.

Heat Shrink Tubing - These are also very useful in securing various parts of boat to different types of keel guards. The tubing comes in various lengths and the one you purchase should be able to fit your own boat. When purchasing these products make sure that the length fits your keel guard dimensions as some manufacturers may overcharge you for long tubes. Other important aspects of these heat shrink tubes include their flexibility to accept various installation types such as O-rings and screws.

This has to do with the fact that boats are unique in their own way and that it cannot be generalized. If you have the right kind of fittings for your boat they will help to keep things well-maintained but if you do not have this option, then it is essential to buy them. Some people prefer the installation of these products after fitting the keel due to the fact that they make the hull look more beautiful. Also it is believed that this will make the keel safer for carrying especially since the sides of the hull are less inclined to move. Another aspect is that these tubes allow proper ventilation so that the internal environment of the boats is protected from harmful chemicals.

For proper adhesion of these products to your keel guard it is important to use a high quality, durable and long-lasting spray adhesive. There are many types of spray adhesives available and among them, 3m adhesive has proved to be one of the best. It can withstand changing temperatures and it is also non toxic which makes it suitable for use in various industries including the construction industry.