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Kayaking Clothes For A Wet Shoes And Dry Shoes Kayaking Trip

Kayaking is an activity enjoyed by many people around the world. Kayaking can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities and can be a great way to get exercise. Kayaks are available in different designs, sizes, materials, and features so that everyone can find a set that is suitable for them.

Kayaking, much like any other sports activity, needs clothing that give warmth, protection, flexibility, versatility, and comfort while you're on the water. But kayaking also require you to protect yourself from the elements and from cold wet conditions as well. Depending upon where you plan to kayak, there may not be suitable clothing. If you're going to spend a lot of time in cold weather or rain, you will want to dress appropriately for the weather conditions as well as the time of year.

When it comes to clothing for kayaking, one of the most important factors is breathability. You want a clothing that breathes and is light, thin and waterproof to help regulate your body temperature. Consider a breathable t-shirt or soft shorts, some tops with straps, a fleece sweater or thermal long johns. For maximum warmth and protection consider using an acrylic hat with a wide brim and lots of Velcro to attach it to your paddle. Another thing to consider is wearing sun block, sunglasses, gloves, and a face mask. Wind pants and gloves are also recommended as these protect you against wind, sun, and splashing water.

In warmer weather, or in windier conditions, you want something that is more waterproof. Again, you want something that is lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. Consider wearing a shirt with an elastic waistline, long pants, kayak shorts, or one of the many options for paddling accessories like paddles, oars, or masks. For windy conditions, again, wear a windcheater, sunglasses, gloves, and a face mask.

Getting wet on a sunny day while kayaking is inevitable, so keep your clothes as dry as possible. If you live on the coast, get clothing that is made specifically for the ocean. On the other hand, if you live in a rainy, humid climate, you'll probably want to opt for one of the many styles of waterproof fabric that are now available. Consider buying a hooded umbrella to ward off the morning dew, or get a fancy model with an attached mirror. These tend to be heavier and bulkier, but will dry faster and more quickly than normal fabric clothes. Other options for drying include clotheslines, dryers, drying racks at campsites, or zorbing, which is basically tubing with a hook on one end for hanging clothes.

After spending all that time on dry land, the sun is going to shine brightly once you get out on a lake. Before leaving shore, make sure your kayak is filled up with water, a good idea for a few reasons. Firstly, this will help you not get the sun burned, and secondly, it means that you won't have to waste your sunscreen. Kayaks with a dry bag are especially useful for this, because the sun won't enter through a hole in your dry bag. Another good thing to have for a day of kayaking is a sun block specially designed for kayaking.

One more kayaking trip that's worth mentioning involves the use of a can of spray deck protector. If you're going to a lake where another kayaker has capsized, it's a good idea to have this on hand so that you can quickly apply the spray to stop him from drowning. While the odds of a capsize are relatively low, especially if other kayakers are paddling in a group, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, there are two more things that you should take along on a wet shoes and dry shoes kayaking trip. The first is a sleeping bag. You can find these at pretty much any camping or outdoors store. The second item is a waterproof, reusable mat. If your sleeping bag doesn't come with either of these, you can buy one separately and keep one in your boat, the other in the tent you're sleeping in.