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Types of Inflatable Kayaks and the Paddle Options For Kayaks

A quality, high-performance kayak paddle is essential for efficient and safe retrieval of your craft when it's time to go boating. If you're handy with a hammer, saw, screwdriver and wrenches, then you have what it takes to install a quality, yet budget-friendly, Bilge Pumps and Inboard Pulleys to support your kayak's inverted hull shape. Choosing an inboard or outboard pump depends largely on your boating style and skill level. For those just learning the sport of kayaking, consider installing a lower cost, single action pump that features a one-piece inlet design that prevents cross connection between the inlet pipe and the impeller. Cross connection issues can result in poor steering and maneuverability and increase waste material and noise.

On the other hand, selecting an inboard or twin pump that uses a twin spiral arm inboard design will be more suited to more advanced kayaks whose stern tubes are wider and longer. Pumps with one-piece strapping design allow easier attachment to plastic strapping material on the hull of most compact kayaks. A twin pump is great for use with larger and taller fishing vessels. A twin-pump inflatable is often installed in tandem with a twin air tank, which serves as the source of pressurized air for the unit.

Paddle placement is key in the operation of any recreational watercraft. The placement of a kayak's paddle determines where the kayak can be steered. If you are using a kayak paddle with a one-piece lower ring, the position of the paddle is fixed. Higher level pontoons may have a flotation device and the direction of the kayak's paddle will change as it moves. When using a Kayak Pump, the position of the kayak's paddle can be changed by simply reversing the pump lever.

Selecting the proper Kayak Pump can also determine where you are going to fish. If your vessel is primarily used as a bass boat, a high performance fly tying or weed wacker rig might be best suited. These systems use high pressure air to propel small plastic or fabric lures through the water. Paddler systems that attach to the kayak's main hull are equipped with a remote control unit that allows anglers to direct the direction of the stream. If you plan to fish in colder water, or at a slower speed, an inboard or twin inboard system will probably be your best option.

Different types of pumps attach to different types of kayaks, and can be found at many different retailers. Some pumps can also be used with inflatable kayaks, which makes the selection process much easier. Some of the more popular pumps include the following:

Inline-type valves are the most commonly seen and available pump for both inboard and outboard designs. The functions of these valves are almost endless. They can be used to change the direction of the stream with just one turn of a valve. Different types of Inboards utilize different styles of valves such as ball valves, compression valves, and venting valves. There are even some models available that incorporate both the inboard and outboard motion with a single valve. Paddler valves, on the other hand, are more efficient and typically only require one turn of valve for complete control.

The last type of pump includes the universal valve. A universal valve is compatible with nearly all types of kayaks. This type of pump is very efficient, but is typically fairly loud due to the air pressure it pumps into the water. Kayakers should be aware of this when using the device. However, the convenience and quietness of the universal pump is well worth the price tag.

Pumps provide great convenience and ease of use for backyard kayaking and personal inflatable kayaking. Paddler and air pumps allow kayakers to get right in the water quickly and start paddling with little fuss or hassle. Kayakers who want convenience will find an affordable air pump to meet their needs. Paddle with confidence thanks to a quality inflatable kayak air pump.