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How Intex Contributes to Your Family Travel Plan

Intex Explorer kayaks are very popular with fishermen and other water sports enthusiasts. Some of the things people like about Intex kayaks are the durability, ease of handling, and the comforts that come with a kayak paddle. Intex also has some great features that set them apart from other competitors. Here is my Intex Kseries review and features analysis.

Intex Kseries Paddle Review: - And so what's inside. Intex Kseries Paddle Overview: The Intex Kseries Paddle is made out of a very tough synthetic material called YKK. This material is used in all Intex boats so you can be sure that you are getting a durable and high-quality paddle. What's inside.

Features: The Intex Explorer has many great features and some of them include the following. It is equipped with a puncture resistant vinyl paddle which is easily inflating and deflating, an internal skewer system to help maintain your balance, an improved hull design that gives the Intex boat more overall strength, an improved braking system, an improved hull design that is better at resisting both inflation and deflation, a front inflation valve that is easier to use, an improved inflation port that is easier than ever before, a front inflation nozzle that is easier than ever, and a rear inflation valve that is even easier to use. All of these features make the Intex k2 the best kayak for the money.

You can feel confident that with the Intex Kseries Paddle you are getting a great inflatable kayak paddle. Some of the features included on the Intex Explorer include the following. These kayaks have a removable paddle cup which means you are able to replace it with a new one whenever the need arises. With the replacement paddle cup you also get a comfortable footrest and backrest to give you a complete relaxing experience.

Bifold construction is just what this sporty little kayak was designed for. This design is very popular amongst kayak paddle fanatics. Inflatable kayaks like the Intex Explorer have been designed with two completely separate compartments for storage purposes. This allows you the ability to keep your craft dry while out on the water. The inside of the Intex Kseries Paddle also features a storage bag that can be detached and attached to the paddle which keeps everything organized and well maintained.

The Intex Kseries inflatable kayak also has a clever new inflator that is known as the ProAir. With this ingenious new inflatable design it will allow you to launch your boat with the exact amount of power needed. The strength of the inflator is such that it can inflate your boat to a maximum of ten pounds. With such low air pressure it will not put too much stress on your engine or motor. Inflatable crafts like these generally have a maximum capacity of eight pounds so this means you will definitely feel like a big boat when using your Intex Explorer and Intex Kseries Paddle.

The Intex Explorer line also includes the following kayaks, the Intex Challenger K Series, the Intex Endeavor K Series, the Intex Southeast Asia Tour, and the Intex Excelentia. All of these boats come in a variety of colors and with many additional options. The Intex Challengers are well known for their rugged good looks, however they are also known for their great performance. These boats also have the unique ability to increase in air pressure as the paddle pumps them up making them ready to take on any river or ocean trips your family may be planning.

The Intex K Series Paddle will inflate and deflate making it easy for anyone to enjoy their Intex Explorer without having to worry about things getting too complicated. The Intex Excelentia is designed to provide enough support for the people in your party. It has a great overall design, including an aluminum frame that is powder coated and can also be fitted with a carrying case. If you want to get your hands on one of these awesome inflatable kayaks that can be inflated by the push of a button then take a look online.