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Intex Challengers and Intex K2

The Intex Challenger is a well-built kayak that has all the features that are essential for recreational boating. Made with rugged plastic construction and designed for true performance, this durable kayak has a high-mounted inflatable bow mount, a high buoyancy bottom, and a rigid internal I-beam hull for excellent stability, durability and strength. An adjustable, inflatable paddle seat is standard along with an oar lock for locking or releasing the bow with one hand, and there is a load tray to recover the bow weight. A hydraulic outboard motor with variable transmission allows you to adjust the angle of the hull for either forward or reverse motion. A hydraulic outboard motor that has twin blades on each blade improves efficiency, allowing you to accelerate or decelerate more quickly; a high-performance deck drive puts all the power into the paddle.

The Intex Challenger offers extreme portability with plenty of room for storage of wet and dry items. It has large clear acrylic paddling windows for great visibility and plenty of head room for comfortable paddle positioning. Large forward facing bucket hatches provide easy access to all the necessary equipment and storage areas. A hydraulic system provides high-performance resistance and excellent maneuverability in any water condition. Folding toe bumper pods and a removable vinyl panel protect the cockpit from debris, seal against electronic interference, and add a high level of security.

The Intex Challenger offers two air compressors with remote controls and a dry bag to store the dry bag in for quick access. The dry bag helps you to stay comfortable during prolonged boating time by protecting you from the direct impact of the paddle against the trailing boat hull. This kayak also features built-in rudder system with both forward and reverse gears. An Intex Dry Bag system is also available with two separate compartments, each with its own dry bag. The dry bag is removable and accessible for additional storage, which can save valuable storage space when the paddle is not in use. The Intex Challenger's wide wheelbase and short overall length combine to make this a perfect kayak for everyone, from young kids to grown adults.

The Intex Challenger offers a compact design for easy storage and transport. Intex manufactures a wide range of inflatable kayaks such as the Intex Challenger. Intex is one of the best known names in leisure and sportfishing and the Intex Challenger is one of their most popular models. For a reasonable and reasonably-priced price the Intex Challenger can be considered a complete kayak, with everything required for successful boating operation included. The Intex Challenger includes everything that you would expect from a high quality kayak such as premium fiberglass for maximum strength and durability, sturdy deck plates for stability, modern graphics, and a powerful motor.

The Intex Challenger has a very roomy cockpit for easy vision and comfortable padding for the cockpit area. The Intex Challenger also has a modern retractable hull and seat which adds convenience and comfort while out on the water. A strong but light inflatable paddle system makes up the kayak paddle arm and is compatible with either standard or low float tyres. A rudder system allows the Intex Challenger to move in any direction with the use of the removable stabilizer fins.

The Intex Challenger comes complete with two bottle bags, a kayak paddle assembly and a wet bag. The kayak bag provides extra storage space for other accessories including gear, life vests, and other equipment including an emergency flag. The Intex Challenger has a general speed of 12 Knots and a maximum depth of 16 inches, making it suitable for beginners and experts, regardless of experience levels.

Intex manufactures a range of pumps and other equipment such as regulators, so the Intex Challenger is also compatible with leading brand names such as kayak paddles, Intex valves and jenna ammerman. The pumping systems for these pumps are designed to provide the maximum resistance in the toughest conditions, ensuring the utmost reliability. There is a comprehensive range of spare parts for the Intex Challenger including pumps, hull valves, o-rings and air lines.

The Intex company have been in the manufacturing and design of inflatable kayaks and other watercraft accessories for many years. Their designs and production methods have remained constantly improved to ensure the latest performance qualities and to offer the best overall value. If you're looking for the ultimate in value and quality in your watercraft, then take a look at the Intex Challenger and other Intex products.