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Inflatable Kayaks and Raft Paddles - Versatile Tools For the Outdoors

When people go rafting, they prefer to use inflatable boats because they are easy to carry and manage. Inflatable rafters provide comfort, convenience and portability while allowing the rafter to relax and be in total control of his or her journey. An inflatable boat is simply a lightweight boat made of inflatable plastic that has its bows and sides made from flexible tubing containing compressed gas. There is no need for a motor or other engine parts because it is buoyant.

Rafting can be done in two different ways: with a motor or without a motor. If you intend to do your rafting activity without a motor, you can choose inflatable rafts in different price ranges. The price range of these types of rafts depends on features such as type of materials used, size and frame design.

Some of the inflatable boat models are available in single sizes up to twenty-eight feet in length; others may be available in fifty-two to three hundred feet length. The most expensive models are those made of molded plastic materials. Although there are many inflatable rafts on the market, some of the best quality inflatable boats are those that are crafted from fiberglass. These kinds of boats are not only durable, but also easy to maintain. Inflatable boat stores offer a wide variety of inflatable water crafts in many different price ranges.

Pontoon Inflatable Raft Inflatable Raftes come in different shapes, sizes and weights. Most pontoon rafts weigh between twenty and thirty pounds. A common pontoon raft is between twenty-two and thirty-six feet long; the most expensive models may be over one hundred feet long. Inflatable pontoon boats are best suited for short trips on flat water that requires less maneuvering.

Inflatable Intex Boats One of the most popular inflatable boats on the market today is the Inflatable Intex Boats. Intex boats are suitable for use on nearly any type of water craft. They are especially suited for the individual who wants a quick and easy way to go rafting or fishing. Many quality inflatable watercraft manufacturers produce the Inflatable Intex Mariner 4, a small inflatable dingy that can be used on almost any lake or pond. The Inflatable Mariner 4 has a four-wheel drive and is twenty-eight pounds heavy, making it suitable for use on any kind of vessel.

Kayak Inflatable Paddle Systems The kayak is one of the more robust watercraft that an individual can choose to use as a raft. Individuals need to consider factors such as the weight capacity, the inflatable volume, the style of the boat and the materials that will be used to build the kayak. Many kayak manufacturers are now producing inflatable kayaks that are suitable for individuals who wish to go camping or use their boat in an outback setting. The Intex kayak has an optimized floatation system and an adjustable seat to fit either a two-person raft or a single person.

Paddle Systems are another popular choice when looking to go rafting. Paddle systems have gained popularity because they are easier to manage during the water. A paddle system will normally come equipped with an inflatable paddle that can be inflated by air or water. An air-pruned float also helps to make rafts that are made from fiberglass more buoyant. Inflatable pontoons usually come in one-eight and one-six stage air systems, which are great for rapids where multiple people may be involved.

Recreational Level Ramps The recreational raft is a twenty-eight ft long single person craft that can easily be inflated with air or water. It can be set up on either a flat or uphill bank and often will have an attached landing pad that serves as a way to walk along the raft. Because it is so long, it is also very sturdy and durable. These types of recreational rafts are generally designed to be versatile and to stand up to all kinds of rapids. They do not usually fit into most standard sizes, but are still available in all sizes once you search for them. Some of the more expensive models even feature inflatable seats, making them very convenient and suitable for the outdoors.