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Humminbird Helix 7

When it comes to the most advanced pike fishing advice out there, the Humminbird Helix 7 might just be the best model available anywhere. As the name suggests, the Humminbird Helix 7 also has a seven-inch touch screen, which is just about perfect considering all of the information you'll be interpreting from your sonar and GPS (that's included on most models). The resolution is also 800-by 480 pixels, which means that you will see colorful patterns and the like while you fish. The touch screen is just about perfect for navigating such an important tool as a sonar. And don't let the small size fool you: This is no ordinary pikefinder. It can really feel like you're using a real instrument, even though it's a touch screen.

So what makes this depth finder stand out among the competition? First off, it's got no battery life issue. Even the smaller battery life capabilities of the other sonar packages out there pale in comparison to the Humminbird helix 7. You can be up and tracking fish in no time at all without worrying about running out of juice. The other cool features are the color display and the ease of navigation.

There aren't many good things about this depth finder, but I'll take on one of them now. Most fish finders out there either have poor color quality or they are hard to read in water due to the small displays. These two factors lead to people being left with a confusing image of where the fish may be located. This is completely overcome with the Humminbird helix 7.

What sets this apart from other depth finders is the power output capability. This package offers a full seven chirp capability, which is excellent for catching larger fish. It also has a high enough sensitivity that it can easily locate fish under 10 feet. In addition to this, it offers the best imaging system of its kind.

So what makes Humminbird helix 7 so special? There are actually two main features that set it apart from other GPS fish finders on the market. The first feature comes in the form of the color display. The colors are extremely vibrant and allow you to quickly see the depths of any body of water.

The second feature is the side imaging system. Most fish finders have some sort of self-explanatory side imaging on their device. However, Humminbird takes it to the next level. You will find an amazing number of features on this device. You will see the best visibility for shallow waters, the best visibility for depths below ten feet, and the ability to see fish below three feet. Not only do these features work well in shallow waters, they also work extremely well in deeper waters.

One of the coolest new features on Humminbird is the switchfire imaging system. This is a single crystal oscillating light that allows you to see through obstructions in the water. Switchfire imaging uses a powerful ten bit camera that allows you to capture crisp images with clear detail. Other great features include the auto off switch and the auto battery power back up feature. If you have one of the smaller screen models, Humminbird can keep track of your depth readings while keeping the light on the object for as long as you would like.

Humminbird has done a good job of integrating all of their most popular features into a smaller package. They now offer a full-range depth sensor for use in shallow water, a side-imaging camera for great picture quality underwater, and the switchfire imaging technology that allows you to see fish below the boat. With the additional switchfire imaging technology, you get a dual-depth view both ways. This feature alone may be worth the price of the Humminbird Helix 7. These little packages are definitely worth the money, but if you have never used a depth sensor before, the switch-off imaging might be something you want to look at when reviewing the other features.

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Common Questions About Humminbird Helix 7X

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