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The Best Folding Kayak

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The Best Folding Kayaks Are Built to Last

Folding kayaks have been around for some time. The original kayaking concept made use of rudders and inner frames in the kayaking craft to enable easy movement from one side of the craft to the other. To solve the storage and transportation issues of kayaking, while making use of the versatility of a soft-shell kayak, a new breed of cleverly manufactured boats simply fold up into a small bundle and fit into any corner of your garage or boat house. The folding kayak concept is certainly new. There are already a wide range of kayaking kayaks available in the market. But generally, a kayaking kayak having a motor needs to be bigger and sturdier than an ordinary fishing kayak, thereby inspiring enthusiastic developers to develop more extravagant and wacky folding boats.

Folding kayaks are designed with features to maximize convenience and comfort while out on water. Some models even feature an anti-tip mechanism to counter the resistance of the paddle against the hull of the craft. Although this sounds like a great improvement, it is best not to get carried away by this and buy a unit based on looks alone. Consider a few points while making your purchase:

Folding kayaks usually employ a single hull design, which means the keel is attached to the front of the hull with a single hinge. This type of keel design makes it very easy to repair damages to the keel; you can just replace the damaged part. The downside of this design is that the cockpit area gets compressed during prolonged use, thus decreasing the paddling efficiency. In contrast, two hull designs, which employ two independent hulls, provide greater flexibility in terms of configuration.

You can either choose between fixed and floating fittings for your folding kayak. Fixed fittings are typically made of fiberglass and are mounted on the outside of the kayak. Floating fittings are installed inside the kayak along with the keel. The advantage of floating fittings is that you can inflate or deflate the unit without disturbing other parts of the vessel. However, fixed units require more maintenance as you need to have them refilled occasionally.

Most modern kayaks come with roof racks. These are typically located at the rear of the kayaks along with built-in flotation devices. While these are commonly found on high-end units, you can also find models that come with single roof racks and with attached drop handles. You can use either of these as additional storage space for your kayaks, should you need additional space for storage.

Most modern folding kayaks are designed with comfort first and convenience second. In other words, you get great value for money because they are built tough and durable and are easy to transport and store. Some models of portable kayaking even feature lockable storage compartments to ensure security. Others even feature a sliding door which allows easy access to the storage space beneath the kayak.

If you are looking for added comfort, you can invest in a footrest or an extendable seat. The footrest will help you stay in the proper position when using the paddle, and the extendable seat will allow you to raise the bow and the footrest simultaneously. Ensure that the footrest is comfortable and sturdy, as it will be used most of the time. On the other hand, the bow and the footrest should not move when you are using the paddle.

If you are new to kayaking, it is best to purchase a single model so that you do not need to buy a number of items to make up the group. Portable kayaking groups usually share equipment, so it is helpful to purchase a good quality item that will stand up to the use of all the other members. You can even buy a few of the best folding kayaks and use them for recreational purposes. This will ensure that you save money, while enjoying the sport.

Additional Information

Folding Kayak FAQs

Common question about Folding Kayak. Is the folding kayak easy to fold and carry? How fast can it be folded and how big is the folding kayak to be? These are some of the most frequently asked questions by the people who have just heard about the folding kayak. They want to know about these things, but do not get much information on these things.

The best place to get answers to these questions is from those who have already bought the folding kayak and have used them. Get a store near you that has kayaks for sale, or better yet one that has an expert to help you. There is nothing wrong in asking an expert for help.

The very first thing you should do is to find out if the model you intend to buy is appropriate for your needs. Do you intend to use the folding kayak on rivers or lakes? Are you going for a party or picnic? Are you going for a leisurely ride on the sea? Once you know the purpose of buying the folding kayak, you will easily understand the size that is to be purchased.

Now the next step is to check out the prices at various stores near you. Compare the prices of the folding kayaks available in the stores with the price mentioned in the brochure or the website of the company selling the kayak. This will give you an idea of the cost involved in buying the kayak. It is advisable to ask the sales representative to explain you the whole process of buying the folding kayak and try to get all the doubts clarified. Only then you should decide whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

You should also go to some online stores to get the details of the prices at various models offered by them. The online stores offer better discounts than the local stores due to the large volume of items they have to display. Also you will get a fair idea about the shipping charges from the online stores. It is a good idea to get the quotes of several stores before deciding on the store.

You can also check out the feedback and reviews of the customers at the online stores. Feedback and reviews are the best way to know the reputation of a store. If the customer gets a satisfactory answer to his queries, he will be satisfied and will share this information with his friends and relatives. Similarly, if he is not satisfied with the service provided by the store, he is likely to write a negative review about the store. Thus you can get a fair idea about the performance of the store.

If you have decided to purchase a folding kayak from a local store, you can also enquire whether they offer any guarantee or refund if the product is not delivered as per the expectation. The other advantage of purchasing a folding kayak from the store is that you can test drive the product. Most of the stores allow the customers to ride on the kayak for a while and ask questions regarding its performance. However, you should make sure to purchase a genuine product so that you can enjoy the benefits for many years.

The best place to purchase a folding kayak is an online store. There are many online stores that deal in sports equipment and provide great discounts on folding kayaks. Some of the online stores also offer great deals on canoeing, wake board and water sports gear. Thus you can easily purchase a folding kayak from an online store and take your recreational trip enjoying the splendor of the outdoors.