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The Present Invention Covers a Wide Range of Items Including a Floating Lounge

A personal flotation device, also known as a personal buoyancy aid, is an apparatus in the shape of a suit or flotation tank that is fastened and worn on the user to keep the user afloat in a pool of water. The wearer is enveloped with air, which provides buoyancy to the person and keeps him or her floating against the force of the waves in the pool. The buoyancy force is provided by a pump attached to the bottom of the tank. Most devices are designed for each individual's body size and weight, and these are available in different designs and materials.

There are many different types of personal flotation devices. It is important for one to know the types present in the market before selecting the best one to use. Among them are the following A buoyancy compensator, buoyancy apparatus or machine, swim fins, buoyant bladder, buoyant chamber, swim trays and last but not the least the all in one flotation Device. Each of these inventions has different features and benefits. Therefore, before buying any one of them, it is advisable to study the benefits and advantages that one can derive from them.

A buoyancy compensator is a special type of buoyancy device that improves buoyancy and adds resistance to the rotation of the pump that moves air through the tank. The invention encompasses two different categories, the first of which is the frame float that is normally installed in swimming pools. The frame floats are spaced away from the sides of the pool to provide better buoyancy to the users and to provide a longer wearing time. In addition to this, they are also good at removing the water from between the seams of the tank. The other category of such invention includes the hanging floats, which are generally used when people have to stay afloat for a longer period of time while swimming.

The second category of device is known as the bottom or transom floats and is generally fixed to the bottom of the swimming pool. This category has the best design feature. It is basically a piece of clear plastic material with flaps over its top plan view. The device has a built in shade that helps the users to stay cool in the sun.

One of the most innovative devices in use to induce a swimming figure to swim faster underwater and to stretch is the figure sensor. This invention comes as an answer to the problem of people wanting to see figure out larger image figure. This device is capable of sensing the body heat of the user and converts this heat into electrical signals that are used by the brain. This device has many other advantages.

It is capable of storing multiple sets of data. This is possible due to the fact that the brain is connected to the data directly. Due to the same reason it is capable of providing a floating devices connection to multiple data sources. Another unique invention is the connection devices that provides a connection from one source to another. This invention allows the user to link various kinds of media such as sound, video and even data into a single device.

A floating lounge is another present invention. This floating table is capable of providing a seating arrangement for one or more persons. This type of table is designed in such a way that it offers a number of chairs that can be individually adjusted. This type of table is capable of providing a floating viewing of multiple items such as persons, pets, etc. This presents the user with the facility to have a live action video feed and a display of the same on the tabletop.

The other important present invention is the instant invention attached to a hook. This hook is designed in such a way that the user can suspend the apparatus without any support from any surface. In the same way, this hook can be tied into any metal. This hook will then be able to hold different kinds of floating devices such as lounges, pontoons, inflatables, etc. Thus, we have a number of different kinds of devices that are capable of being supported through the use of hooks.