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Summertime Pool Float Rides and Intex Treadmills

The Float Raft is a superlative Raft that will blow your mind away with its outstanding performance and unmatched value. The Float is lightweight and compact. It also has a one year warranty so you are sure it will last as long as you want it to. Get ready to visit the float factory and take a look at some of the amazing superlatives of this awesome raft.

Eliminate the need of man entry to your pool. The Float Raft features three very powerful, super bright auxiliary light kits that give off enough light to light your pipes above 80'. The sunnylife solar powered sun dome light kit will supply all the illumination you require under any circumstances including day or night. The built in battery pack ensures that the float raft will run for as long as you need it to. Plus there is never any concern about running out of power.

This superlative pool float also comes with an amazingly long float. The Float Raft is available in three different sizes, including a two and a half inch long float that can accommodate even the largest swimming toddlers and the most agile swimmers. And the super long float is designed to manage even the strongest swimmers, including babies of up to ninety pounds! The long Float Raft is also one inch wider than the short Float which ensures that your whole family can enjoy it together.

For an extra measure of convenience you can also take advantage of the Float Raft's three departures cut. The three departures cut enables you to adjust the angle and speed of the floats depending on how tired or energetic you are. It is simple to use and offers adjustable floats for every level of fitness. The three cuts ensure that you will always get a comfortable fit no matter what. The three cuts also ensure that there will be enough long floats left over for other family holidays and activities.

The Float Raft has been designed for easy and quick setup and breakdown. The floats are conveniently housed in a carrying case which makes quick work of transportation from your home to the pool. The intex treadmills have been designed to run quietly so as not to disturb your neighbors. And the lightweight aluminum frames make sure that your float arrives fresh when you arrive at your destination. Intex understands that safety is paramount and that the safety of all intelex participants is of the highest importance.

The Float Raft is perfect for lounging around the pool with your family. Its size and length make it perfect for both adults and children. The intex pool floats can be placed right next to the lounging areas or you can even try mounting them onto your lounge chairs. The Unicorn float is especially useful for families as they are soft and comfortable.

What makes the Float Raft ideal for lounging around the pool? Its great comfort and luxurious feel is hard to beat for lounging around. Some of the other intex pump pools like the Intex Terra-X and the Intex Challenger float are also very comfortable but they do not come close to the level of comfort and luxury that the Intex Float offers. There are multiple sizes of Intex pool floats for all age groups so there is definitely something for everyone and every member of your family.

The Intex Float Raft is a great product that has all of the above mentioned qualities. The size and length makes it perfect for relaxing in the pool or taking to the pool. It is also lightweight and very durable. When you are done with your party, simply remove your floats and store them for easy storage. The Intex Float Raft makes great summertime lounging and pool float rentals.