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The Best Fishing Rod Holders

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Angler Accessory - 3 Key Features to Look For When Buying Fishing Rod Holders

Best Fishing Rod Holders For Small boats smiths Flush Mount Rod Holders. Three Key features: quick release. Material: stainless steel. Why It Made the Cut: It's hard to argue with a stainless steel body that looks great and is durable.

Flush Mount Rod Holders. Typically used for lightweight fishing rods, flush mount holders are typically made from carbon fiber, aluminum or fiberglass. The advantage of using these types of lightweight rods is that you don't have to deal with the weight and bulk of a full-sized rod when it comes to holding your boat accessories. However, the biggest drawback to using flush mount holders is that they typically do not hold a very large number of fishing rods.

Outriggers. These particular type of holders for small fishing rods can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. There are also many different manufacturers. Popular materials include brass, titanium and aluminum. Popular brands include EZ Rod Co., Big Stick Fishing, Saltwater Outrigger Co., and Cabela's.

Plastic. Outriggers are typically molded from plastic and most other types of fishing rod holders are molded from wood or composite material. While plastic fishing rod holders are cheap, they are also prone to breaking or twisting on extended use. Additionally, you may suffer from compression build-up if the material is compressed too much when storing it in a small space. Most manufacturers will offer replacement plastic mounts at a very reasonable cost.

Adjustable Rod Holders. Adjustable rod holders are usually used by those who participate in multiple sports. Some of the various sports to which these holders can be adapted include fly fishing, bait casting, spin casting, bait handling, stand up pike fishing and drift fishing.

Trolling Rods. Most anglers own a few trolling motors. trolling motors can range from portable electric units to permanent spinning jiggers. A popular type of trolling motor is a trolling motor stand-up which, as the name implies, mounts directly to the angler's boat rod. Many anglers who enjoy fishing from the shore tend to use a trolling motor mount rather than a trolling pole because the pole can become slippery when wet.

Elevated Rod Holders. There are two types of elevated rod holders. The first is a simple, lightweight rod holder that just holds the rod upright. The other type of elevated rod holder is a heavy-duty, cast-all-enclosure style pole holder that is designed to hold both spinning and bait rods. Both types of holders are useful for fishing from docks or piers.

Sand Spikes. Some of the most popular fishing rod holders are made with sand spiked holders. These spike holders are made of high quality polyethylene and feature either single or twin spike holes that help spread the weight of the rod evenly through the sand. This way, the rod does not have to carry the weight alone down the sand; it can simply follow the spike holes and sink into the sand.

Flush Mount Rod Holders. There are also many types of flush mount rod holders that keep rods safe from the elements. They are perfect for fly fishermen who travel and bring their rods with them. Some of these holders are made with urethane and are perfect for keeping your rod dry in the boat's cabin during long trips. Other flush mount rod holders are made from aluminum and are lightweight and waterproof to protect your rod when you're not fishing. They are also convenient for storing in small storage spaces when the boat is not in use.

Boat Rack and Stand. Having fishing rods secured into a holder or a rack will help keep rods protected from damage during storage or travel. Many types of boat rack and stand are available to hold all different sizes of fishing rods. Some have crossbar slots for the best possible fit and function. Some have built-in wheels to make sure your rods are securely mounted to the boat's deck.

Offshore Angler Adjustable Sand Spike. When it comes to finding the best fishing rod holder, it all begins with finding one with an adjustable sand spike. This will allow you to adjust the height of the holder to the level of ground you are on. This is important because different water levels require different holding points on your rods.

Anglers love using sand spiking devices because it keeps their rods and reels from damage while out in the elements. The smooth transition of the handle from upright to flat allows anglers to quickly take control of their rods and reels without having to exert extra effort. With new innovations in material, construction and design, anglers now have the opportunity to get even better deals on their favorite fishing accessories and parts. Consider an offshore angler adjustable sand spike holder when shopping for reels and other accessories.