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Fisher Price Fish Hunter - A Review of the Popular Product

The first thing that strikes your attention about Fish Hunter bladed Weapons are its extremely sharp blades and its rather unusual ball-like head. Both attributes make this weapon unique and capable of inflicting instant kills upon enemies. If you've never used a bladed weapon before, it's a good idea to use a demo account to practice. The following tips will guide you through the basics of using your Fish Hunter in PvP.

Fish are very tough creatures and they are not easy to kill by just aiming at them and spamming the button. The trick to winning a fight against Fish is timing. When they are grouped together in an aquarium, lure them in with a bright light lure. If you can see them well, you will be able to take them out by spearing one of their front fins. The head should be seen as well.

The main weakness of a Fish Hunter is its dull symmetrical blade. Crafted out of H-1 stainless steel, its sharp point is perfect for quickly disposing small fish, while the fully serrated SpyderEdge cutting edge makes quick work of larger fishing line, rope, or anything else in its path. This weapon also has a special attribute known as "Marksmanship". Whenever you have a Fish on your target, there is a tiny red dot in the middle of its head. If you can find this, you have a guaranteed kill.

The second major issue with the Fish Hunter's blade is that it is very hard to swing around corners. As much as a Warrior or a Ninja's blade, the Fish Hunter's blade is not as mobile. However, if you can get close enough, you can easily snare your target with one swipe of your wrist and hopefully take it down quickly. It is advisable, however, to use both hands to wield the Fish Hunter so that both hands are acting as blades.

There are some minor issues with the Fish Hunter. For example, the weight of the blade isn't great for carrying on your wrist. Another drawback is that despite its good weight, it is quite heavy. This is especially true if you are planning to use it in a fighting-use scenario. In fact, you may even find it awkward to carry it from the boat to the river!

On the plus side, the Fish Hunter does have one great advantage over other smaller bladed fishing tools: its ability to immobilize larger fish. If you want to pull a heavy fish out of a river or lake, you can just use this handy tool and hold it above the water, allowing your partner to slowly drag it out of the water. Of course, this requires teamwork and a great deal of patience. If you are going to use the Fish Hunter in this way, make sure your partner is capable of holding their own long enough for you to successfully complete the task. Even with practice, it can take up to 15 minutes to properly catch a fish.

At the end of the day, the Fisher Price Fish Hunter is a decent tool. Its main strengths lie in its weight and the fact that it can quickly and easily immobilize large fish. But before you buy one, make sure you practice at the range. You can't simply toss it onto the target and hope for the best. Practice using the device against live fish and make sure you can quickly and effectively reel in your target. Although the Fish Hunter looks simple, its strength lies in its ease of use and great effectiveness.

I give the Fisher Price Fish Hunter a five-star rating mainly because it's a very practical and reasonably-priced piece of equipment. It certainly won't win any beauty contests, but then again, you really can't put a price on the functionality that this blade provides. It can certainly take a lot of the workload off your arm, so don't let that be the only reason to buy it. Instead, look for a great package of features and a sturdy, effective blade to go along with it.