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Buyer's Guide

The Basics of Bristol Bay's Newest Boats and Accessories

Br Bris Boats proudly offer all of our boats with a 3 year limited warranty starting when product is delivered. That means if you have any problems with your boat within that time period, you are welcome to send it in for repair. When you choose Br Bris Boats as the fabricator of your next boat, you will enjoy many years of hassle-free boating with the option to return the product if you are not satisfied with it. Many people enjoy their boat and simply want the option to purchase another. This is why the guarantee is so important to us.

We use the highest quality materials to build our boating vessels. The welds are extremely strong, and the aluminum and fiberglass are extremely lightweight. In addition to high quality construction, we use technology that includes both casting and fiberglass molds to ensure the strength and durability of our product. Because of this, all of our boats have very tight seams with a full one inch overlap.

Another great feature that we offer with all of our bris boats is the extreme weatherproof features. This is very important to us because we live in an area that has many different types of harsh weather conditions. All of our products have been designed with this in mind, and most of our dinghy models can withstand ice storms, heavy rain, hurricanes, and even the infamous "tornado" that hits the southeast. Most of our boats include a heavy duty tow rope, heavy duty tow straps, and a one thousand pound threshold.

Along with the rugged design and rugged durability of our boats, we also have an exclusive line of RVs that include everything from the simple camper style to luxury Class A motor homes. Each of these RVs have everything you could ever need inside including air conditioning, mini-fans, DVD players, televisions, beds, stoves, cook tops, and more. There are even RVs that come with a private lake or pond for you to enjoy on your own personal water craft. These boats have an easy to drive mechanism, an aluminum shaft that consists of nine or ten gears and ball bearings, high lift pontoons, full suspension, and a sixteen foot landing weight.

As consumers, we are always concerned with the environment around us, and it has become very important to us to make sure that our products are made with premium quality materials and that our manufacturing plants are environmentally responsible. Many of our customers have told us that they are very pleased that we do not use toxic paints or synthetic resins, and that the boats and kayaks are made with high quality materials that include ABS polymers, high grade fiberglass, denier PVC, and epoxy finishes. Most of our craftsmen are unionized, and are paid a decent wage. Many of our craftsmen are from low income families.

One of the best parts of these types of RVs is that their hulls are typically built with reinforced ABS plastic, and they feature full-motion semi-automatics. They are manufactured using high grade plywood and fibreglass panels that are joined together with TIG welding, then finished with a durable marine vinyl coating. This coating helps to protect the plastic from damage caused by inclement weather and sea water, as well as from corrosion and cracking. The boat's transom features a clear windows, and the bow eye is protected with a marine plastic laminated over vinyl. The bowsprit, along with the main sail area, can be removed and cleaned easily.

We can offer you many years of warranty service, and you can even purchase accessories and add-on parts from our online website. Our boat manufacturers use top-of-the-line technology to manufacture our boats. If you have questions, we're here to help. Even if you've never built a boat before, we can help. All you need to know is what size you're looking for, and whether or not you need an aluminum floor boat. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff are ready and able to answer any questions you may have.

For all your boating needs, we're sure you'll find just the right product at the ideal price. For information on where you can locate our boats, accessories, parts and services, simply log on to our website. For more information on the line-up of our Bristol Bay line of aluminum boats and accessories, simply click on the link below. You'll also find information on how to order online, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We hope that you enjoy your stay, and we hope that you'll make us proud by returning to our website and purchasing your next boat accessory.