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What Are the Different Types of Boat Waxes?

Boat wax is a thin protective layer for the boat which is either in liquid or paste form. Its purpose is to provide an additional layer of protection for the boat even when it's in storage or temporarily docked at the harbor. The wax also protects your boat against erosion that may occur if your boat is left out in the open. Boat wax provides many advantages over other forms of boat maintenance including: protecting the boat from harsh weather elements, protecting the material of the boat from corrosion and other damage, and provides surface protection. There are three main types of boat waxes available; silicone, zinc and acrylic.

Silicone boat waxes are popular because they do all of these things well. They are commonly used for dinghies and trim boats. Most sellers will tell you that silicone boats are more resistant to cracking, fading, and chipping compared to other types of boats. However, the only downside to using silicon based boat waxes is that they are more expensive than alternative types of boat waxes.

Zinc and Acrylic boat waxes are a bit more affordable but not as durable as the silicone and acrylic. To make a durable product, we need to expose our boats to the elements and let them age naturally. Using a 3M marine restorer, we can achieve this. A 3M marine restorer will coat the boat with a light oxidation layer right before its application with a specially designed emulsion. After the oxidation layer dries, the gel coat provides the base protection to your boat wax.

Zinc and Acrylic both have light oxidation protective coatings but zinc will also provide a light film of protect ion. These two waxes will work great against hard water spots and will leave a film on the bottom of your boat. Use the light-based version of these two waxes and they will both work great together. Before applying the gel coat, you will want to take away any mineral deposits that may be on your boat's bottom by scrubbing the bottom of the boat with a hard bristled brush or soft scrub brush. Remove as much mineral deposits as possible before applying the gel coat.

If you are looking to apply a boat wax to protect your sail boat, it will not dissolve plastic or metal parts of your boat. Most waxes are designed to protect metal parts of sail boats from rust. There are exceptions like PVD which will work on plastics and will also protect metal parts of sailboats. UV works on most metals except copper which is uv resistant, stainless steel and aluminum which is not.

Some of the major benefits of using this type of cleaner wax on the boat are that light oxidation is reduced, making for easy cleaning. It does not form flaking build up which can collect on the bottom of the transom, deck, or engine. It does not cause puddling or pore blockage on fiberglass surfaces. Light oxidation is also reduced on fiberglass surfaces making for easy cleaning. This wax also prevents the formation of bubbles on carbon steel parts which is usually caused by the oxidation of lighter materials.

Cleaning this type of cleaner wax on your boat will result in having your boat looking better than ever before. The best boats will have that incredible shine to them. You will notice the difference in the finish of your sailboat after you have properly cleaned it. The shine will be more defined and you will be able to notice the differences in patina over time. The best boat waxes will have a smooth and shiny finish which will reduce the effects of heavy oxidation.

Light rays are damaging to your boat. This is one of the reasons why so many people are starting to look into using this type of boat wax. UV rays are also one of the main reasons why boats begin to rust. If you do not want to spend money on an expensive repair kit or do not want to take apart your boat, you should look into purchasing this type of cleaner to keep your boat in great condition.