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Decal Tips for Boat Decals

What exactly are boat decals and boat lettering? While they're both similar, they really do differ greatly in usage and purpose. Boat lettering is primarily used for marking and numbering on boats. This usually includes, names, registration marks, and initial hailing point designation.

Boat registration numbers (also called boat ID's) are what give the ships identification. Registration marks help to provide easy tracking and finding for owners of boats. Some of the most common decal types include names and numbers. Many marinas have large selections of boat registration numbers for sale and you can purchase custom decals for your own use. You can also purchase decals for personal reasons. Some people prefer to buy decals based upon where they live or where they will most likely use the boat.

What about boat lettering? Boat lettering refers to any design elements of a boat, including lettering, logos, shapes, words, and images. Some of the more popular boat letterings include destination signs, boat numbers, personal identification number (PIN), and a sash (often called a tag). Boat registration numbers are typically located on the hull in front of the cab.

Both boat lettering and registration numbers are printed on durable protective laminate material. Laminate is strong, lightweight, and waterproof. This type of protective material makes it easy to clean. Many boat decals and graphics are printed in full color so that your graphics will be easy to see underwater.

What about boat decals with HAIL port and registration numbers? A hail-port is the graphic representation of a boat icon, like a ship, boat, flag, etc. The most common of these designs is the boat name and HAIL port graphic. Other designs include graphics that represent destinations, or other relevant information.

As you can see, there are many options when choosing which type of boat decal to use. When deciding between digital printing or direct printing, you should first consider the various print options. Digital printing offers many advantages including lower cost, faster process, flexibility, high quality, and single color printing.

For example, if you want a boat sticker with a single color (aka single-color printing) but want to have a hailing port, you would select a graphic for hailing and choose a color from that graphic to create the hailing port. The final step would be to select a suitable font, background color, size, and alignment for the text on the decal. For instance, a company might want to use a solid font with a decorative border for the graphic and a smaller font with smaller artwork for the text. This would be used in conjunction with a company logo or slogan for added impact. Digital printing provides endless possibilities and options for customizing your stickers and decals.

When ordering a custom decal online, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, consider the desired size of the graphic or lettering that you will be using. The next thing to do is select the boat name or logo, and select a color from that selection to use as your lettering. The final step is to select a background color and size for the artwork. If you plan to use multiple colors, it is important to make sure the website you are using has the ability to adjust color automatically. Finally, ensure that the graphic is formatted correctly and has no extra formatting that will not fit into the allotted space on your printable boat decals.

Many websites offer ready to print custom decals at an affordable price. Some companies even offer free templates so that you can experiment with different lettering options and different color schemes. A full color option is usually a good idea for large graphics because the colors will be spread out more widely. However, if you plan on using multiple colors, selecting a solid background with solid colors to use as lettering will give you the best looking graphic on the boat decal. It is a good idea to print on vinyl lettering for best results.

Other types of boat decals include magnetic lettering and boat stickers. A magnetic lettering sticker is great for adding names and logos to a boat trailer or inside a boat interior. However, the printing process is not advisable for use with multiple colors unless it is a full color option.

For the ultimate in customization, try boat lettering graphics. You can add your own artwork or get one made to perfectly fit your design. The best part about this type of decal is that you can change it up every now and again. The only disadvantage is that it takes longer to apply than any other type of decal and there are more available designs than most people have room for. Custom boat lettering graphics work well for boats with more than one seating passenger.