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Pontoon Boat Console - Easy Extra Room For Passengers

A custom-made, fully-featured boat console that is designed to withstand years of storage and maintenance, while allowing maximum portability, is a great investment for anyone who enjoys spending time out on the water. Designed with PTEF-treated, heavy-duty polyethylene-based material, boat console comes with a life limited warranty. Constructed to be an effective step-on or turn-key solution, the console lid on this fully-enclosed storage space will securely support almost any experienced angler. It easily screws into the deck with galvanized screws (not included).

The boat console market has expanded considerably in recent years as more consumers have realized the benefits of owning a portable device, rather than having one permanently installed on their boat. In response, manufacturers have created a variety of lightweight, molded aluminum units that can be easily assembled. They offer many benefits over permanent fixtures that are often large and cumbersome. For example, aluminum doesn't rust, doesn't require expensive and intricate maintenance, and is lightweight enough to be easily transported.

In addition to offering mobile solutions, the boat console market has created an inflatable version. Many models feature air-filled pockets that allow users to store their favorite fishing gear and tackle. Others are completely waterproof so that even the smallest inflatable creature such as a squirrel can fit inside and still have access to the exterior of the boat. These inflatable models are available in several sizes, depending on the vessel being used, and feature an easy-to-install hook and loop strap that provides secure installation and safe operation. Because they are so easy to deflate, the portable models are the best choice for day-to-day boating needs.

Another great option in the boat console market is the weatherproof, battery-powered device that features a built-in sensor that will accurately predict upcoming winds and precipitation. These highly sophisticated weather forecasts can be projected on a screen in the console or directly on your boat's monitor screen. The best devices allow you to customize your own personal weather map so that you receive the most accurate information possible. Available in a wide range of models, these forecast period prediction devices are also very convenient for boaters who travel on a regular basis and would benefit from knowing the forecast period on any given day.

As mentioned above, the forecast period function is also great for seasonal boating needs. For example, a device that projects four week's worth of weather forecasts (like the Forecast Period) can be helpful for a boater who travels during springtime and winter. This is particularly beneficial to smaller, lighter vessels that spend part of their time out at sea and may experience bad weather when departing shore. Smaller vessels may also find themselves stuck in larger, bad weather areas if they are unable to quickly and effectively get out into good weather. Additionally, for large vessels that travel more than one season, this feature is also incredibly useful. If a boat's GPS system cannot determine whether it is in good weather or not, it can provide warnings via the console to passengers and other boaters, and give them time to prepare before the vessel takes off.

Many devices in the boat console market today also feature inflatable boats and air mattresses. These devices, when used in conjunction with the projector screen, offer an extremely effective solution for temporary boat use during sporting events or other special occasions. The addition of a inflatable air mattress can add several thousand pounds of additional weight to a small boat without adding structural weight or bulk to the vessel itself. These air mattresses can be deflated and stored away easily without a lot of hassle. A properly designed inflatable boat console or inflatable air mattress can be an excellent rental choice when short-term boating is desired.

While many of today's innovative boat manufacturers focus primarily on their high-end models, there are some affordable models that have excellent quality and value. A popular type of inflatable boat console that is relatively affordable is a solid inflatable boat that features two individual compartments and a flat surface area of approximately 8 square feet. In these types of boat models, the bow shock absorbers separate into two sections that are installed at the stern tube of the boat. When the boat is in motion, the shock absorbers quickly return to their original position to ensure optimal safety. The most common configuration of these dual console boat models is with the seating platform of the boat facing each other and the flat surface located behind the seating area.

If your particular pontoon boat has limited room for passenger storage and functionality, consider a mobile marine grade boat console that has a built in access panel and can be removed and stowed away when not in use. These access panels can be made of lightweight, molded acrylic which are easily attached to the bottom of your boat to create maximum convenience while on the water. Access panels can be secured with corrosion resistant stainless steel rivets or threaded fasteners to ensure that they are securely in place and will not be subject to corrosion. With access panels, you will no longer need to worry about your boat stowing in the water because you can simply roll it away from where you want to put it.