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Buyer's Guide

Choosing A Bilge Pump

Are you looking for a quality Bilge Pump buying guide? This can be one of the most important purchase decisions that you make for your boating or marine needs. Having the proper equipment on board can be the difference between a great time on the lake or not. Here is what you need to know before making your decision:

* Bilge Pumps come in a variety of makes and models. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing one of these. Bilge Pumps vary in a number of ways, including size, horsepower, rated pressure, electrical pump capacity, and more. Knowing what features and benefits each model has will help you to make the right purchase. Here are some of the more important features and functions to look for when shopping for a new bilge pump:

* Durability - Bilge pumps are designed to use overtime. As with any other pump that utilizes an electrical connection, this means that the unit is designed to handle continuous pumping for years to come. However, the biggest consideration when purchasing a unit like this is durability. Bilge skin fitting, the rubberized coating that most come with, should be able to withstand long periods of time before cracking or tearing. Electrical discharge hoses (EDH) should also be able to stand up against corrosion and rust. Finally, a pump comes complete with a discharge hose, which is used to release the pumped water once the job is completed.

* Performance - Perhaps the most important feature to look for in a piece of equipment is performance. A strong, durable Bilge Pump will be able to handle continuous pumping and discharging for many years without the need to replace it. For this reason, many come with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, many come with a heavy-duty locking mechanism for securing the unit. While purchasing a piece of equipment with a warranty is usually a good idea, it is not always a necessity.

* Safety Standards - Like all industrial pumps, high-quality Bilge pumps come standard with stainless steel shafts and heavy-duty locking mechanisms. In addition, the manufacturing process creates a very strong shaft, so you are generally purchasing a quality product. However, as with all industrial products, there are regulations and safety standards that must be followed in order to protect workers. EDH wiring is required in order to work with EDH wiring, which is also necessary if the device is to be installed indoors. EDH wiring is a tight voltage, so using indoor/outdoor units is dangerous. In addition, improper installation can lead to serious injuries.

* Performance - Bilge Pumps perform well under a variety of conditions, but some may not be suitable for certain environments. If you are looking at a stationary unit for heavy-duty applications, consider the power rating and longevity of the motor. If you are planning to use the device in an outdoor setting or if you are installing one in an underground facility, it's important that the unit be UL-approved to handle both water and non-water conditions. If you decide to use a portable device, it's important that the impeller is designed so that there will be no restriction during use. Further, select one with a stainless steel shaft for strength and longevity.

* Lightweight - When purchasing Bilge Pumps, the first thing you should look at is how lightweight the device is. It should be easy to install, easy to use, and operate. Lightweight also means durability, especially given the fact that many devices are used in harsh and hazardous conditions. Most Bilge Pumps have stainless steel shafts, which are highly durable. However, if you elect to go with a lightweight device, make sure that it is made from a material that is rugged enough to handle the wear and tear. Additionally, some lightweight units do not have an o-ring or leak-proof seal.

While many manual pumps can go underwater when submerged, lightweight electric bilge pumps and lightweight boom pumps can only survive in an enclosed environment. For example, white water rafting can take many hours, while most electric models only need a one-hour charge time for maximum operation. Finally, if you elect to go with a lightweight electronic device, make sure that the manufacturer offers a warranty to protect your investment.