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Different Options in Beach Tents for Different Weather Conditions

As the summer becomes warmer and more UV rays become stronger, think about packing a high quality beach tent or portable canopy to protect your beach vacation from the elements. Beach tents offer great sun relief and extra comfort for those long beach day trips. In addition, many tents can be utilized during picnics at the local park or as additional shelter for your backyard grill. If you plan to spend a day or two at a local beach, a well-liked and highly rated tent is the BeachTent XLS. It is affordable yet extremely durable, and can be purchased for low prices as low as a few hundred dollars.

For a comfortable beach outing that also offers protection from the wind and rain, you may want to consider the Bestop Ft. Lauderdale Beach Tents. This range of tents includes everything you would expect from a beach tent, such as sturdy poles, flooring that is durable, inner mesh windows, doorways with locks and even mosquito netting. This tent is specifically constructed to withstand strong winds up to eighty miles an hour, has a waterproof inner lining, and a zipped mesh window for ventilation. The Bestop Ft. Lauderdale Beach Tents have a variety of sizes and colors to meet everyone's needs. With its easy setup options, it is a good choice if you are looking for a tent that offers a lot for little money.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is home to the Bestop Fort Lauderdale Beach Tents. It offers the Bestop Ultimate Sun Shelter Collection. This range includes four beach tents with different capacities and various color schemes. All the tents have mesh windows that are wind and rain resistant, are durable, and have mosquito netting as a safety feature. This line is designed with storage space available both inside and out.

If you are looking for a beach tent with the most portability, the Upf Protection Fort Lauderdale XLS is perfect for you. This range has all the features of a regular sized beach tent with the added bonus of a great UV protection that will keep you dry during warm months. With easy installation, it is easy to take anywhere with you and enjoy the portability of your choice.

When you want to get out on the water and experience the sunshine without getting drenched, the Sea vent Ft. Lauderdale is the right choice for you. This beach tent comes with a special coating that will protect you against harmful rays that can make the water hard and uncomfortable. With the special Sea vent design, it is designed to be very easy to set-up or take down so that there is no stowing involved. With its ease of set-up, it will make it a breeze to get ready for that perfect day of fun. No matter where you go, you will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun thanks to this amazing beach day set-up.

Another popular choice is the Sea vent Technalon Beach Tents. This variety is made with a polyester fabric that will provide the UV protection your body needs while still allowing the sun to reach all parts of your body. This means you do not have to change clothes to prevent sunburn when taking a dip in the water. Best of all, this tent is extremely lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. You can even use it when you are on the beach and just need a comfortable place to sit out of the sun.

For those looking for the best durability, the Evergreen Beach Tent is made with heavy duty vinyl with large mesh windows and a polyester fabric that is breathable for optimum ventilation. It also has a rain fly and large pocket for organizing gear or your things at night. The large mesh windows will let in plenty of natural light and will allow your skin to breathe. Additionally, this beach tent also comes with a comfortable and waterproof mesh enclosure which will keep bugs and wind at bay. The mesh windows will provide UV protection and are durable enough to withstand strong winds.

For a little extra shade, look into the Solitude Beach Tent. This tent comes in both sand and desert varieties and has large openings to provide shade anywhere you want it. This tent is very lightweight and is highly ventilated so bugs and wind will not be a problem. The Solitude beach tents are available in different colors and can easily be washed if you find them to be too dirty. The large mesh windows will allow in plenty of natural light and will keep you comfortable and cozy no matter what the weather outside.