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Lightspeed Outdoors Provides a Variety of Umbrella Options For Your Beach Cabana

A beach cabana is a portable shelter that is available in two general styles: the classic dome tent style and the retractable canvas roof style. A traditional-looking beach cabana will feature a rectangular shaped roof with four poles and a single ceiling. Many brands already include at least one detached roof, giving it additional protection from the elements. This style of shelter usually includes sandbags and stakes to secure it into the sand and keep it from blowing off in high winds.

A more portable alternative is a collapsible beach cabana. These are very attractive shelters that provide shade and protection from the sun without taking up a lot of space on your property. Since they are not anchored to the ground, you simply roll them out onto the beach or other location. They are much easier to set up and even easier to take down, providing maximum convenience.

The classic dome style of beach cabanas are normally larger and are used more for tourists than as a home choice for visitors. This style usually consists of four walls and a single ceiling. Many models offer additional amenities such as a toilet and shower. Some are designed to provide shade from the sun and provide additional amenities such as a sleeping area. These are typically best used by individuals, as most sun rooms are meant to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Retractable roof styles are very popular with homeowners who would prefer to use the shelter as a family home as well as for occasional use by friends and family members. In this case, two poles are arranged vertically in the middle of the roof to form a triangular structure. Along the sides of this triangular structure are attached two flexible aluminium poles that extend outward. As the name suggests, the structure can be retracted into the earth for complete privacy when in use and then expanded back into a fully functional, elevated patio upon returning to the earth.

As shelter for a group of people becomes more important, so does the size of the Beach Cabana. These vary in size from those that fit two people comfortably to larger designs that can accommodate as many as twelve people. Most designs also feature an optional roof hatches for easy entrance and exit for larger groups. Of course, the price will depend on the size and how much of the shelter is made from either wood or metal.

Depending on your schedule, there is a style of Beach Cabana that will work for you. You can book a cabana for a romantic getaway, a fun-filled family outing or as a place to just relax. Many beach cabanas are available all year long, even on the warmer months. Those that are still available even in winter come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including ones that offer full insulation for added warmth. When it comes to prices, it's hard to find a better value than a beach cabana with insulation and UV protection.

The best way to protect your investment such as a beach cabana with UV protection and insulation is to choose a design that uses high quality materials. When it comes to purchasing a cabana, be sure to invest in one that offers the best overall value. Some companies like UVA and R values that are less than 50 are ideal. Choose a design that offers strong frames and is constructed of durable material such as aluminum and steel, as these models will offer the most value for your money.

For maximum UV protection, be sure to choose a cabana with a canopy that is constructed from heavy-duty fabric. This will provide maximum shade and will also block the sun rays from penetrating the canopy to keep you comfortable on the beach. Lightspeed outdoors offers a range of lightweight canopy options that will provide the ultimate UV protection. For even more value, consider purchasing a lightspeed outdoors dome tent with built-in insulation and lightspeed dual hypertech downfill that provides extreme insulation combined with superior comfort for ultimate protection from the sun, UV rays, and wind.