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The Backpacking Kayak - What You Should Know Before Buying One

One of the best investments in your Backpacking Equipment arsenal is undoubtedly a Backpacking Kayak. Not only will you be paddling on beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans but you'll also be keeping yourself quite protected as you go. This is important because backpacking kayaks have very unique designs that make them uniquely strong and reliable in rough waters. The most basic Backpacking Kayak models have one of two distinct designs - a cockpit design or a rudderless design.

A cockpit design basically consists of two seats that attach to the hull by means of wood hinges and a bolt hole. Often they are referred to as "chairs" and are ideal for single person Backpacking Kayaks. These boats tend to have much larger storage compartments and often feature padded benches as well as an ottoman. While the cockpit design is more flexible, it does feature a single fixed, stable head with two removable bench seats.

The second type of Backpacking Kayak design is the rudderless design. This design was developed for boats with paddle controls and is generally preferred over the cockpit model for several reasons. First, the rudderless (or "unthrottleable") boat features a single fixed engine with one fixed propeller whereas the cockpit model usually features two engines. In addition, the pilot is typically able to change the direction of the boat by either turning his/her hands or kicking the rudder blade.

Another advantage of the rudderless Backpacking Kayak design is its maneuverability. Because there is no cockpit section attached to the boat, this allows for a greater degree of movement in the boat's hull. Paddle control is still available, but in this case the pilot can operate the rudder without moving his/her hands or feet from beneath the boat's stern. The rudder is essentially the handlebar that controls the vessel's movements. In some designs, the rudder is mounted on a short, stubby piece of metal attached to the bow of the boat. Regardless of which design you prefer, both feature great maneuverability.

Another popular option in backpacking kayak designs is the sit-on-top kayak. This style of kayak is similar to most other sit-on top styles except it has a built-in cockpit section. The reason why many kayaks have a cockpit section built-in is because it helps the user to get a better feel for the boat's position in water. This is especially important for people who will be using their sit-on-top kayak for longer periods of time.

Some kayakers prefer to have a cockpit section built into their boats in order to keep them from getting wet while they are paddling. If this sounds like a good option to you, make sure that your kayak has an adequate built-in section for a cockpit. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a separate cockpit section for your kayak. If you cannot afford to do this, there are plenty of sit-on top kayaks that come with a cockpit anyway.

Some types of sit-on top kayaks have been designed with storage compartments built right inside the cockpit. These are great for storing supplies and other items that are not used often. They are also great for making short trips out at sea or even in still water. Many of these boats have storage compartments that can be reached from the boat deck.

You should know that most sit-on-top boats do not have windshields installed on their kayaks. This can pose a problem if you want to enjoy the beautiful weather outside of your kayak. Windshields can be installed on some boats, but most manufacturers do not recommend having one installed unless you plan on doing lots of kayak fishing. If you are a kayak fishing enthusiast, you will be happy to know that a few companies make kayak fishing kayaks with windshields already installed.