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How to Use Aluminum Boat Cleaner

Aluminum Boat Cleaner & De-Oxidizer: The build up after a boat washes ashore is usually a tough job for any boat cleaning company or even a regular household cleaner. The build up tends to be hard and the elements tend to attack at more than just the visible surfaces of your vessel. Now that all the build up is removed from your aluminum pontoon or boat, the de-oxygenated aluminum cleaner will reach the inner surface to gently clean, neutralize and eliminate discoloration and stains.

This special cleaner comes in two formulations, a diluted formula and a concentrate formula. The concentrated formula will remove heavy oxidation and stains while the diluted formula will restore luster and shine to your aluminum boat. Using the concentrated formula and gently applying it to your pontoon or boat surface will restore the luster and shine to your boat. The concentrated formula also removes any wax residue, grease and dirt that may be sitting on the surface.

Aluminum Boat Cleaner & De-Oxidizer: Aluminum Boat Cleaner comes in two different forms: a spray or a foam cleaner. The spray cleaners are specifically designed to work on all types of surfaces, like: deck, outboard motor housing, engine, transom, sail, pool and spa. Foam cleaners are specifically designed to work on all types of aluminum surfaces, such as: fiberglass, metal and aluminum. They are non-toxic, biodegradable and odorless. Unlike other cleaners that leave behind fine dust particles that cause allergy issues, Foam cleaners work directly on the surface and gently pulls the debris away from the surface without touching the outer surface. This makes them ideal for all outdoor surfaces.

Aluminum Boat Cleaner: When using an Aluminum Boat Cleaner, the concentrated formula is sprayed on the surface of the boat. The foam goes on quickly and penetrates quickly into the seat and deck. This immediate treatment restores the luster and prevents cracking, peeling, etching, and cracking. If you use a regular boat cleaner, it won't take long before the stains have worked their way into the fiberglass, metal or aluminum and it will be difficult to remove.

Aluminum Boat De-Oxidizer: Using an Aluminum Boat De-Oxidizer is a good option if you want to get rid of marine deposits. It's non-toxic, eco-friendly, and can work on any type of boat. It works on hard water deposits, calcium deposits, and mildew. It does not contain chlorine and it does not contain heavy chemicals. It is safe for use in any type of water.

Aluminum Boat De-Oxidizer: Many people wonder if they should use an aluminum de-oxide with their marine cleaning or even softeners. Well, it depends on how your boat is affected. If your boat is just dirty from sitting in the elements, then you probably don't need the cleaner in the first place. For more severe boat problems, such as blackheads, zinc spots, and cracking, you would definitely want to go with the professional strength formula.

Professional Strength De-Oxidizer: There are many types of cleaners on the market and one that is gaining popularity is the formulated de-oxidizer. They are designed for all types of metals, including brass, copper, and stainless steel. The professional strength formula is formulated to neutralize heavy metals on contact and it contains copper and zinc ions to help strengthen and protect your metal surfaces shine like new again. You can use this on your boats deck, inside and out, and it will help restore the luster and shine to any type of metal surfaces.

What's great about these formulas is they don't contain any type of harsh chemicals that could harm your marine life or even hurt you while cleaning. You simply apply the cleaner to the surface and scrub away. The specially formulated cleaning agents will get rid of dirt, grease, and algae without hurting you, and you won't have to worry about getting poisoned while cleaning either. It's much safer than most commercial cleaning agents and it'll cost you much less too!